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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 14, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> and promises the military operation in mali will be over quickly. -- frances promises it will be over quickly. >> i'm elizabeth in doha. here are some the other stories on al-jazeera. launching airstrikes against rebels. activists in serious say 15 men, women and children have been killed in in a strike near damascus. we go to india where millions are gathering.
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the french military has stepped up the strike against rebels in northern mali but have promised a long campaign. you and security cattle is due to meet in the coming hours to help bolster the fight. these are the latest images of a british cargo plane on its way to deliver other equipment to the french in mali. look at some of the strategic targets. french fighter jets have targeted positions outside timbuktu. they are attacking rebel training camps, and for structure, and logistics'. the operation also on balls airstrikes with combat helicopters helping their forces retake the stronghold. other targets include deploying
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550 soldiers near the front line and to help guard the capital. isre in the capital and what the latest with the fighting? reports thating have also bar and a provincial town which is 400 kilometers north. we understand from these reports a we have not been able to confirm with the ministry, but we understand rebel fighters mounted an attack close to that town. it is a government town. there is a military base there. we understand the french carry out air strikes at some point early on monday. in addition to the strikes were talking about, they have also had a statement from a very important group year on the
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ground and the jihad in west africa. they said the french have attacked islam, so they will attack the heart of france. they have 500 troops here on the ground. they say they are only assisting in national police. what will they be getting? do they want to take control of northern mali? do they just want to secure the government-controlled areas. that is what we're trying to find out. that is the important question that needs to be answered. >> the security camera will be holding a meeting soon to discuss approving a west african troops on the ground. do we have any idea when to expect those troops? >> at the moment, what we are hearing is they will be going to
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the meeting here on tuesday between the military chiefs to decide if that will happen. there waiting for the united nations security council meeting and the outcome of that. al-jazeera has spoken to a nigerian military commanders told us they have to wait embassy about the logistics. nigeria would send about 600 soldiers into northern mali, but they said, where they going to sleep? he was born to pay for them? until the questions are answered, then we will see the troops on the ground. interestingly, of these troops are not as popular as the french. people here want to see any operation into northern mali led by their own military. >> thank you for that report. witnesses say eight somali
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civilians were killed during a failed hostage rescue attempt. the french commander was trying to save a member killed along with another soldier. they captured a third man and said that he has now died of his wounds. activists in serious a government air strikes have killed eight children in damascus. this video apparently shows them in the district doctorate was attacked. by women were killed and many others remain trapped. joining us now from beirut, what can you tell us about the attack? >> activists are saying that it happened very early this morning. many other bodies are still trapped in the families are trying to get these people out of the rubble before another raid. they say many of these people
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are civilians, children, and women. the concern is at least eight children and five women have been killed. we know the syrian army is launching a huge offensive against the rebels and their stronghold. there pushing very hard to push the rebels back away from the capital. it is a major step for the government trying to push back the rebels insuring they are in control. >> wiry seeing this escalation of government airstrikes around the capital now? >> we have been seeing airstrikes almost daily for the past month. now we are seeing that the government is in a major push everywhere. they're claiming to making advances and that they have been
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able to kill many of these rebels as many others have fled the area. yesterday, we showed pictures on satellite channels where they showed their supporters were in the major stronghold for the rebels as they launched an attack on government forces inside the capitol. the government now claims to have cleanse themselves of what the government uses to describe their actions there. even from sources close to the government, there pushing a very special trained units into these areas and a push to show that they can defeat them. they want to deal them a moral blow. they want to demoralize them out of the efforts they have made on damascus. only a few days ago, they were able to take over a major airport from a military camp for
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the government. it was destroyed, but the fact that they were able to run the government over is a major achievement. "joining us from beirut, thank you. the fight for the syrian capital incentivize and government troops are continuing to arm the north. the recently took control of an air base and activists say that they have now reduced the power. they say $15 and people used to live there but it is now practically deserted. this video apparently shows jets firing also here in the province but it is not known if anyone is heard. a u.s.-based aids group is saying that rape is the main reason they're leaving the country. they say many refugees relay the accounts of rape by armed men
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often in front of their members. they are seeking an investigation into what they say is a deplorable human-rights situation in northern korea. the focus on p'yongyang 0's nuclear program has overshadowed this. they say there has been no improvement and they estimate 200,000 people face torture, rape, and slave labor in the political camps. four chinese workers have been kidnapped. these workers for a road company were adopted by armed men. but by their bare sudanese colleagues also kidnapped. -- 5 of their colleagues also k idnapped. the strike capital in khartoum
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state and four others were wounded. fighting resumed in 2011 after a 17-year cease-fire agreement broke down. >> of this was a deliberate attack by the myanmar military, it would be a significant development in this long-running war. the war between the independence army and the state has been taken to another level with the military using air strikes against the kia positions, some of them very close to where the rebels are headed. the incident with the artillery shells will also be of great concern because laiza is right on the border with china and there have been allegations?
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some fire has landed on china's territory causing them to boost security and their border over concerned that such an incident may happen again. they may also be concerned about an influx of kachin brett duties heading over the border trying to flee the fighting back home. some people in the town of laiza and within the kia are concerned that the me and more government is trying to muscle -- the myanmar government is trying to attack. >> venezuela has given an update on the health of hugo chavez. he's as the long and action has been under control. he has not been seen since he went to cuba last month for a cancer treatment. we have more from caracas. >> out as six days about hearing no news about his health
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condition, the venezuelan government finally issued a new bulletin in which they say president chavez remained in delicate condition but that he is overall positive. >> his delicate health is operate complex surgery. in recent days, the outcome has become favorable and he continues to comply with medical treatment. >> at the not specify whether or not the president is actually speaking. nevertheless, this is good news for his supporters and well- wishers, especially if you consider the last two medical bulletins said his condition was stationary. there have been no close of the president and the bulletin issued by his medical team -- are not issued by the government but by the medical team.
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they want an independent medical team to be dispatched and see for themselves exactly what his condition is. one month to the day since a mass of school shooting in connecticut leaving 26 dead. vice-president joe biden is going to present his suggestion about how to cut gun crime. another mass shooting happened five months ago and we were at the scene. >> where past events cast a pall shadows, the offer something new. they are celebrating the newborn of the past year, a ceremony to ward off evil. this is a place which has faced evil. six innocent people died when a white the premises walked into the temple in wisconsin and started shooting. he then killed himself. every fresh evidence like newton
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brings back the agony of that day. >> we think about the victims and the families. we already went through that. we know what they're going through. >> in the temple, there is one part that remains untouched, unchanged, a permanent reminder of the day that will never be forgotten here. the people of oak creek for trying to rebuild their move on. there five months into the process, but newton will have to follow. the temple president said they must rely on each other. >> and a group that has a problem, discussing it with them makes it easier. >> the mayor promised to try to stop the tragedy. >> it we can do a lot better what we are doing. >> part of the discussion making communities safer.
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>> i don't want to get these calls every week or every other week and ask what the thoughts are on the shootings in portland, new york, newton. it's upsetting to me. i did not think of would be a good leader i did not try to find a solution. >> his father died in the shooting and he knew the other victims. he is happy with the community support they received. he does not want to go back. >> to help the community never gets -- for debts. the community now is stronger than it was before. >> they have found that even in dark races -- dark places, the future is in the light. al-jazeera, oak creek, wisconsin. >> thousands of russians angry over the new adoption bill trying to get it overturned.
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>> i'm in tunis. they're hoping the labor movement will help curtail social and political unrest that has marred the revolution. >> no proper rain across southeastern australia to help douse those wild fires. this is pushing a little further north with a few spots of britain. the weather weather is making its way into new zealand. -- teh wetter weather moving in. here, the remnants of a tropical cyclone. head of that storm, we saw a very impressive dust storm and there was a wall of sand just making its way across the coastal fringes and pushing it
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further inland. black out conditions for quite some time. just off shore,, hear the storm that continue to drift its way further southward close to perth. the hot weather driving its way out of the interior. the latest is 35 degrees. temperatures in melbourne around 30 celsius. we will see temperatures around 30 degrees in mumbai over the next day or so. more sunshine there. funny what weather across south asia. a high of 31. a high of 31.
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>> a reminder of the top
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stories on al-jazeera. france is confident the military mission against rebels in northern mali will be complete within one week. the u.n. security council will be meeting in the coming hours will -- where they will approve the intervention of west africa syforces. this video shows the. a stopper it was attacked in don knapp in syria. rebels in myanmar said three civilians have been killed in the latest attack by government soldiers. four other wounded. an explosion have killed seven villagers in afghanistan. they died trying to recover the bodies of four soldiers were killed in a gunbattle with nato troops. they may have been wearing suicide vests, but that has not been confirmed. afghan president hamid karzai
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says his country will be more secure when international troops leave. speaking to journalists in kabul, karzai says it will take eight-nine months out of a hand over the country to deceit -- to decide they will have community prosecution. tunis is marking two years since the overthrow of the last president. mike reports from tunis. >> the country's leaders gather to formally mark two years of liberation and. the flag of the democracy is raised. for a moment, the challenges of opposition are forgotten. among members of the coalition government, they believe that significant advances have been made. >> as the first legitimate prime
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minister, i have a feeling of responsibility. the goals of our people will be realized. we will step into the second phase of finishing the constitution and hold a transparent, democratic elections. in the meantime, we want to improve the lives of our people. >> the centerpiece of the celebration is the signing of an agreement between the government and the labor movement, a formal pledge to work together in reforming civil society together. underlying this display, the firm conviction of the opposition that the transitional government has simply not done enough. >> i hope that this will improve in a good way. last year was not a good year.
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>> tunisia is still waiting for them to hold accountable those for the uprising. they're waiting for elections. above all, they wait for a new constitution. despite these problems, it seems that for many, today is a date for real celebration. al-jazeera, tunis. >> saudi arabia is saying the worker was not under great team. after news of her be heading was picked up by the international media, the united nations looked on while several human-rights groups condemned the killing. this issue was proven guilty of murdering a baby and they could not persuade the victim's family to partner. hundreds of thousands protest in paris against plans to legalize
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same-sex marriage. hollande has promised to pass it by june. not all think that they should be able to adopt children. the mass petition has been presented to russian parliament, and them to reconsider the ban on americans adopt and russian children. there rallied against the bears on sunday. they must debate the demands of petitions with more than 100,000 signatures. we have more from moscow. >> this meeting is like it have very little impact on the state of the log and it was passed by both the upper and lower houses of parliament fairly easily here in russia and then signed off on by the president himself. this is a very decisive -- divisive issue. we saw thousands demonstrating against the ban on stopping
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americans adopt a russian children. it has been divisive and supporters say that the russian and children should stay in with the russian culture. they point to cases of abuse. they say that they are very isolated cases and say that many children will end up being in state institutions for the rest of their lives unless the ban is lifted. >> for decades, cuba has been prison island, but a new set of reforms will make it easier for them to leave the country. >> she is getting her havana house in order before visiting
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her children in spain. it is the church has taken several times before. she used to need permission to leave the island. this time, it will be different. starting on monday, they are easing travel rules and cubans will be able to come and go as they like. >> now have a lot more personal freedom. people will be more in control because we can decide when and where to travel. >> garcia and her husband are thinking of are spending most of their time in spain. people who were away for 11 months we still losing their home and residency status. now they can stay away as long as two years. >> i'm not going to lose my house unless i want to sell it myself. >> and make travel easier all cubans, most of whom have never left the island. before the change, they were
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barred from travel unless they were emigrated and they had to have a letter of invitation before they could leave. they still need a visa, but by eliminating exit visas, this could leave many to apply for passports for the first time. >> it makes it easier for them to leave the island and those who want to travel back and forth to other countries to work for study abroad. >> some think many will try to emigrate. he wants missed a chance to tour the united states when authorities delayed his exit visa. >> many cubans do not want to live abroad. many want the freedom to work abroad and come back. now because of this law, people will leave -- will be able to do that without worry. >> including national security clause that summary could lead
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to government workers being barred from travelling. authorities have already said doctors, some of the most prized professionals, will be treated like everyone else. it is not clear just how many will take advantage of the new rules in the coming days. as they go on to affect, one thing seems clear. a new generation of cubans will be taking part in a world that many of their parents or barred from. >> the last time the hindu festival took place, it said a record for the large number of people ever gathered for one event. millions of hindu pilgrims have congregated along the banks of the river ganges that happens once every 12 years. >> daybreak bringing in much- anticipated moment. the first people in the water, the naked warriors, the
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defenders of the hindu faith. there followed by religious leaders and the duties. millions of hindus arrived here are the banks of the river
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